Caper Win (2)


Ari daughter Caper was bred by Olivia Olsen of Seacrest Poodles and represents a key step in building our Poodle family, a lovely linebred bitch producing exceptional puppies melding the virtues of their parents. Caper is loving and eager to please, with dignity and a calm presence. She’s a good mother and patient nanny with older pups, only drawing the line with serious juvenile offenders. With one deft move of her paw, Caper can sweep an unruly pup off its feet.

Caper in Motion

She was shown by Tim Brazier, finishing her first weekend in adult trim. When Olivia bred her to Ch. Penndragon’s Independence, Caper presented her with a beautiful litter of eight males (!). We repeated that breeding after Caper became mine, and she had two dogs and five bitches. Several Caper puppies were shown and finished easily, making their mother the fourth generation AKC top producer to call Sauvie Island home.  Here she poses with her daughter Miss Bea, who became Ch. Sauvies Sea The Stars CGC.

 Caper and her baby


Pedigree of Ch. Seacrest Natural Pearl

Parents GrandParents Great GrandParents
CH. WINRIDGE FLYING HIGH  Ch. Sauvies Islander  Ch. Whisperwind’s on a Carousel
 Graphic First Lady
 Ch. Pinafore Pleased to Meet You  Ch. PInafore Prestidigitation
 Pinafore Silkstalkins LaMarka
SEACREST MARINA  Ch. Sauvies Islander  Ch. Whisperwind’s on a Carousel
 Graphic First Lady
 Ch. Banner Sandpiper of Seacrest  Ch. Signature’s Bud Light Award
 Ch. Hon Neez Banner Biloxi Blues