Ari Finish


Ari was the Unexpected Sauvie Island Poodle. His co-breeder had show prospects from Dante’s litter in Utah, and though her husband preferred one dog, who they kept, raves about a different pup put her on the phone to me. Utah had no show homes, so she hoped someone in the Northwest might want him. We decided I would take him to upcoming dog shows and display the wares, so a few days later I met him at the airport.

 Ari 3.5 Months

The next morning I sent a check! What a beautiful puppy, who became a beautiful dog–high-stationed and refined with a gorgeous head, Cary Grant style and a glorious gait with that elusive “light springy action” called for in the AKC Poodle standard. Shown by Tim Brazier, Ari finished at 11 months.

Ari Orange Empire

He was never specialed except during a trip to PCA at age 3 where he made the final cut among 70 Standard champions. That day we celebrated as another Dante son, Ch. Graphic Poltergeist (Casper, owned and co-bred by Rick and Kim Bates of Penndragon Poodles), put on a scintillating show with Martin Gregory and was honored with First Award of Merit.

Although never offered at public stud, Ari became a top producer of AKC champions. And we’re especially proud of his sons Seacrest’s Dancing on the Waves UDX4, and Tudorose JetBlue SH (see Our News), stars in the obedience and hunting worlds. Late in his life, Ari surprised us by producing two silver puppies, including one that became a champion and is now becoming an exciting sire of silvers.

Ari Meeting Argean, Mother of His Silver Puppies

Ari Meeting Argean, Mother of His Silver Puppies

A gentleman and devoted friend, Ari was the very definition of poodley elegance, and in all our years together, I often caught my breath as he moved across the yard. He lived more than 13 years, and like his sire, went quickly with the canine version of stroke. I still miss him every day.





Pedigree of Ch. Winridge Flying High

Parents GrandParents Great GrandParents
Ch. Sauvies Islander  Ch. Whisperwind’s on a Carousel  Ch. Primetime Kristopher
 Ch. Pinafore Whisperwind Brooke
 Graphic First Lady  Ch. Maneetas Del Zarzoso Fuego Fatuo
 Graphic Investment
Ch. Pinafore Pleased to Meet You  Ch. Pinafore Prestidigitation  Ch. Pinafore President
 Ch. Pinafore Angel in Diz Giz
 Pinafore Silkstalkins La Marka  Ch. Pinafore Prospector
 Ch. Pinafore Shall We Dance


Ari Son Ch. Makapuu's Island Sirius

Ari Son Ch. Makapuu’s Island Sirius