SOME LINKS WE LIKE – Website for your Kennel

www.DogWebs.Biz – Website for your Club or Business

Poodle Club of America:

Poodle Club of America Foundation:

American Kennel Club: Check out AKC’s “Find a Puppy” page and Online Breeder Classifieds.

Poodle Variety Magazine:

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Pat Hastings (see “Likes”) Books and Seminars:

Dog Show Information: If you’re new to the world of dog shows, check the AKC Beginner’s Guide to Dog Shows:   For information on upcoming shows: You can search by states and various time periods like “next three months.” Under the “Conformation” tab, you can narrow your search to specialty (just one breed) or all-breed shows.

Also check the sites of dog show superintendents for information on shows they organize, including judging programs (times and ring numbers for judging of each breed). We’ve noted the ones with more Northwest shows. The shows also may have special public events, which are listed in the brochure (premium list) announcing the show. (MB-F nationwide, some Northwest shows) (lots of California, Southwest shows) (nationwide, lots of Northwest shows) (lots of Northwest shows)

Grooming: Want to groom your own Poodle? A good book to help you get started is Shirley Kalstone’s Poodle Clipping and Grooming. A number of companies, such as Pet Edge (, offer good selections of grooming equipment.

“Owner’s Manual” websites, for example, are useful for breeders and new dog owners alike.